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 This website contains newspaper articles and other information regarding the actions and practices of law enforcement officials from local to state government.
 In Portland a man was charged with assualt 2 for slapping another man with a burrito. Assualt 2 carries a manditory 6 year prison term.A person can also be jailed for verbal abuse (cursing another).
 If you have to cross the state, for your own well-being, fill up your vehicle and your tummy beforehand. Be sure to strictly observe all traffic laws and don't stop until you cross the border into the next state.
 Oregon is a police state. STAY OUT.
                      (They especially dislike Californians)..

  Because of harrassment from the porn industry the guest book has been disabled until a more secure version can be installed.
 Thank you for your support and check back soon.

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Prison is Oregon's largest industry. Still think you want to vacation there?

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